Material means

Our Company

To meet the needs of our clients we have at our disposal a 3200m² production site equipped with high-performance machines.

Handling equipment

  •  1 x 20T travelling crane with off-site mobility
  • 1 x 10T travelling crane with off-site mobility
  • 1x truck crane
  • 1 x lifting truck

Production equipment

  • 12×3 m numerical control arc cutting machine and 4×2 m numerical control arc cutting machine
  • 320 T numerical control folding machine
  • 3 m guillotine shear

Our workshop includes a 200m mechanical nave, equipped with hardware adapted to the wide range of CMO activities :

Boilermaking equipment

  • Correa numerical control miller (25A table 2.5×1.25×1.00 m)
  • Mechanical miller
  • Bandsaw
  • Lathes
  • Boring machine
  • MIG-MAG welding stations
  • TIG welding stations
  • ARC welding stations

The assembly of parts is carried out by qualified and trained for this purpose staff in several steps to better fulfill our client’s requirements.

Sandblasting and Painting facilities

Always concerned by environment protection, CMO invested in 2009 in its painting and sandblasting workshop installations.

11 x 4,5 x 4m short-blasting booth : closed circuit functioning. Dust and residues are collected in hermetical tanks and treated by a dedicated centre.

6x4x4m Paint booth : hermetically sealed, ventilated by a propelled air system and fully equipped with safety devices

oxycutting system CMO Cherbourg
Sandblasting Painting CMO Cherbourg